Hot Keys Project Two-Tones Blank Keycaps

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From Hot Keys Project, who brought you the Laser and Specter artisans, these Two-Tones keycaps are a sight to behold. Made from resin, the bottom half of each cap is a deep black color, while the top half is a dark translucent red. The result is a combination look that will pair great with dark keyboards and caps. Achieving the unique aesthetic isn't easy. In fact, each cap is filled in separately, thickened at the edges for texture, then hand polished for a balanced and satisfying feel. (This means no two caps are exactly alike.) And because the keycaps have so much appeal, we’ll be offering them for Topre boards as well. Choose from a wide range of options at checkout, whether you want to deck out your modifiers, function keys, arrows, or WASD keys.

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