ZOMO Heavy Artillery Aluminum Keycaps

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ZOMO’s bringing in the heavy artillery with these artisan keycaps. Crafted from aluminum, the caps are hard hitting and strong—just like the figures they depict from unknown battlegrounds far and wide. First, there’s the bomb, styled like an old warhead with a deep red tip (don’t get caught in the red zone!). Also available: the pan, which you could use to cook up some hand-to-hand combat in a pinch; the helmet, which has an adjustable visor if things get too bright; and the box, which is sure to have some premium armaments inside—if you’re lucky enough to open it up. The bomb and helmet keycaps are constructed with small magnets, allowing you to rotate and remove the tops on them. Every keycap available is crafted in great detail and compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones.

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