Magicforce 68-Key Dual-Mode Bluetooth Keyboard

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Updated from the last wildly-popular Magicforce 68-key dual-mode keyboard, this second release features a few aesthetic changes while retaining fan-favorite features. Like before, use dual-mode to connect via USB or wirelessly with Bluetooth 4.0/4.1. Enjoy the tactile experience of typing on PBT dye-subbed keys with Cherry profiles—engineered for long-lasting, fade-free performance—and type away into the night thanks to white backlit LEDs. This release comes with blue, red, and white keycaps, though you can choose from a number of color options, as well as both Gateron and Cherry MX switches, at checkout. Visible branding on top of the keyboard has also been done away with in favor of a more unbranded look for this release. Fully-programmable and flexibly-connectible, this keyboard is a great addition to any desk setup.

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