Massdrop x MiTo MT3 Godspeed Custom Keycap Set

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Prepare the ship for a new mission. MiTo’s Godspeed keycaps are, by now, well known in the mech keys community—but we wanted to take them even further, to a new frontier. Now, these NASA-inspired caps are sculpted in Matt3o’s unique MT3 profile. What’s MT3 profile? Many computer terminals of old were constructed with a slanted switch layout from front to back. Because of that slant, the keycaps sat at an angle atop the switches, too. This set is a reimagination of that unique slanted build, but optimized for modern keyboards. The design is inspired by NASA’s signature aesthetic, with the instantly recognizable colors from the Apollo 11 lunar module cockpit. But that’s not all: it comes in two different colorways (Apollo and Ares) to match your favorite keyboards.

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