Tai-Hao 2-Tone PBT Double Shot Backlit Keycap Set

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Take your typing to new levels with the Tai-Hao 2-Tone Double Shot Backlit Keycap Set, a complete keycap set for keyboard warriors who prioritize performance and aesthetic appeal. Engineered with the highest-quality PBT plastic featuring legends made from double-shot engineering, these matte-finish keys are resistant to friction, fading, and shining. They’ll look like new after months of intensive use. Type away day or night thanks to translucent characters compatible with standard full-size backlit keyboards. Highly-responsive and durable, the 104 keys in the Tai-Hao 2-Tone PBT Double Shot Backlit Keycap Set are fully compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones. Choose from three different two-tone color schemes to fit your aesthetic.

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