GMK QMX-Clip Sound-Dampening Brackets

$28 $39.99

Designed to reduce the sound your keyboard makes, the GMK QMX-Clip Sound-Dampening Brackets actually reduce noise by up to 10 decibels. Activated when both pressing and releasing the keys, they're great for quieter environments like the office or the coffee shop. Also included is a QMX-Tool that can be used as both a keycap puller and a mounting tool for the QMX-Clip. Cut-outs on the corner to avoid interference with screws on the plate. The plate-mounted brackets are the latest invention from GMK, featuring same patent-pending technology than the PCB mount version. Silencing for both pressing and releasing the keyThe clips come with holes for LEDs and are compatible with plate-mounted, or PCB-mounted switches.

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