DSA Ice Cream Custom Keycap Set


Here’s the scoop: Whether you like strawberry, ube, or plain ol’ vanilla, this ice cream–themed set has something to satisfy your sweet tooth. The original inspiration for this set comes from designer Toxic's favorite sweets: marshmallows. Since the shape of marshmallows is hard to express through design, Toxic gave up on the idea until one hot summer day.  On a trip to his local ice cream shop in China, the designer saw inspiration for a new round of sweet and tasty keycaps: pink for strawberry, lavender for ube, and yellow for mango. Sculpted in DSA profile, the set is made from durable doubleshot ABS plastic. Each cap is compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones. The base kit comes with 87 keys to cover a tenkeyless keyboard, but there are plenty of other kits to choose from if you want to fill other layouts or grab new colors to keep things fresh.

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