GK64 Custom Mini Mechanical Keyboard

$119.99 $178.99

Compact enough to take anywhere, and to fit on any desktop, the GK64 mechanical keyboard is bright, strong, and fully programmable. With a full set of numerals and arrow keys and split shift keys, it has everything you need—not to mention it allows you to make custom macros and add layers for added function. As far as switches, the keyboard comes with your choice of Cherry MX switches. If you want a different feel, go ahead and swap out the switches: Because it’s hot swappable, there’s no soldering required. Also notable is the programmable RGB backlighting, which comes with a variety of built-in modes to play around with. The keycaps, available in multiple colorways, are made from dye-subbed PBT for longevity and strength. You can get the keyboard without them if you prefer to put on your own.

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