GK68 RGB Aluminum Mechanical Keyboard

$129.99 $221.99

Featuring the popular 68-key layout and a sculpted CNC-aluminum case, the GK68 looks like something out of the Jetsons. And while it’s certainly futuristic in appearance, it’s got plenty of functionality to warrant the forward-thinking aesthetic. First, its fully programmable layout allows you to make custom macros and add layers for extra function. Next, the hot-swappable PCB means you can change your switches at any time with no soldering required. Regarding switches, the keyboard comes with your choice of Gaterons, but you can upgrade to Cherry MX switches at checkout. Furthermore, the GK68 is outfitted with customizable RGB lighting to set the mood. And thanks to the latest USB-C connection, the keyboard offers high speeds and no input lag. Finally, the dye-subbed PBT DSA keycaps are done in a beige, gray, and red colorway to match the space gray case.

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