GMK UNIQEY C70 Mechanical Keyboard

$174.99 $368.99

To put it simply, 70% keyboards are rare. Keyboard layouts usually go from 68% to 75%, so when we were given the opportunity to offer our first GMK keyboard in such a unique layout, we jumped on it. Designed by GMK in collaboration with livingspeedbump, T0mb3ry, Photekq, Wodan, and Zambumon, this one has a full set of arrows, page up and page down keys, and hot keys, packing everything you need into a frame that won’t crowd your desktop. You can even use the right side as a numpad if you prefer. All of that functionality is housed inside an angled aluminum case in your choice of two colors, fitted with rubber feet to keep it from sliding—but it shouldn’t, as it weighs over 2.5 pounds fully assembled. We're also throwing in some additional accent keycaps if you want to customize the colorway.

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