Hammer BSP Classic Beige PBT Dye-Subbed Keycap Set


From BSP, one of the premier manufacturers of PBT keycaps, comes this classic beige set, inspired by vintage Cherry keyboards. Years ago, BSP was the primary manufacturer of keycaps for Cherry—and now Hammer is bringing back the classic Cherry colorway in four different styles for that old-school look everybody seeks. The Arabic set is now extremely rare, a look that can only be replicated and never copied. Next up is the APL set, based on a programming language that’s popular in Europe. Then there’s the Tulip OG set with colorful Nordic-style keys and a tulip Windows key. Finally there’s the Tulip GK set, done in a similar style but Greek letter alphas and a Parthenon Windows key. Also available are multiple add-on kits for even more vintage fun. 

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