Jukebox x Tai-Hao Cubic Keycap Set


Tai-Hao’s new Cubic profile is a hybrid with a feel all its own. As if Cherry and OEM profile had a child, the Cubic profile features the same height as OEM, but with square-shaped keys, just like the name suggests. Now you can get the Cubic feel with the Jukebox look. The result of nearly 5 months of collaboration between Tai-Hao and community member Livingspeedbump, the set recreates one of the most famous custom sets in a brand-new light. Made with doubleshot ABS, these keys are durable and long lasting, but they don’t feel quite like before. Still smooth, yet more grippy than other ABS keycaps, they’re designed to help you maintain your grip on the keys whether you’re gaming or typing up a lengthy email.

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