KBParadise V60 Type R Mechanical Keyboard

$79.99 $139.99

Crafted in the 60% form factor, the V60 Type R from KBParadise will easily fit on most desktops, but it can be taken on the go if need be. Part of a long line of popular KBParadise 60% keyboards, this version has some serious improvements to brighten up any space. Mainly, the board features twice the backlighting. The V60 Type R Polestar is made with a transparent PC case, which makes for a stunning display of LED underglow in the color of your choice. Of course, on top, the white LEDs shine through the keycaps to enhance the backlighting even further. For a more subtle look, opt for the standard V60 Type R, which has no backlighting, but all of the other functions on the Polestar.

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