Keycool KC-SP64 Bluetooth Mini Mechanical Keyboard

$104.99 $149.99

Keycool makes an exciting return with the KC-SP64 Bluetooth mini mechanical keyboard. Designed with the popular 64-key layout, this compact board is outfitted with a full set of numbers, arrows, and left and right shift keys. It comes with an anodized case in four flavors, whether you want a bold pink colorway or something more subdued like black, blue, or gray. The side of the case lights up, too. Feel free to try different modes to set the tone on your desktop. The PBT keycaps are sculpted in DSA profile with dye-subbed legends that won’t rub off over time. For switches, you get to choose Cherry MX or Gateron—whatever floats your boat. And because the KC-SP64 has Bluetooth 4.0, you won’t have to fuss with any USB connections. Also included are two fun novelty keycaps to shake things up.

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