Kinesis Advantage2 LF Mechanical Keyboard

$249.99 $368.99

Kinesis has been at the forefront of the ergonomic keyboard revolution since 1992. Featuring concave key wells with a vertical, non-staggered (orthogonal) layout, the Advantage2 is designed to reduce finger extension and relax your fingers and hands. Separating the key wells in this fashion keeps your wrists at shoulder width, where they’re most comfortable. Built-in palm rests eliminate wrist extension and self-adhesive palm pads can be installed for added comfort. Frequently used editing keys such as Space, Enter, Backspace, Alt, and Control have been relocated to convenient thumb clusters to reduce the workload for your weakest fingers. What's more, the Advantage2 is fully programmable without any special software. Use the SmartSet Programming Engine to create dozens of custom dual-layer layouts via one-touch remapping and on-the-fly macros, or launch the Windows GUI for even more options. Outfitted with light and fast Cherry MX Red mechanical switches, the Advantage2 is satisfying and easy to use.

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