Massdrop x Hasbro XDA Scrabble Custom Keycap Set


Put on your thinking cap and grab some tiles (no peeking!): Massdrop x Hasbro XDA Scrabble is ready to play—and it’s as remarkable as that time you played a Q and a Z on a triple-word score. Officially licensed by Hasbro, this keycap set is themed just like a Scrabble board, from the colors of the double-letter scores to the values associated with each letter—and everything in between. Created by new designer and lifelong board-game fan Cassidy Williams, it features wooden-colored alphas with a small number in the bottom-right corner like real Scrabble letter tiles. The modifiers, styled in dark blue, light blue, red, and pink, are representative of all the bonus points you can rack up on the board. Sculpted in XDA profile, the set is compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones.

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