Massdrop x MiTo Canvas CTRL Mechanical Keyboard

$149.99 $174.99

Missed out on the Massdrop CTRL mechanical keyboard? Looking for a unique keyboard to showcase MiTo’s XDA Canvas custom keycap set? The Massdrop x MiTo Canvas CTRL Mechanical Keyboard covers all the bases. This version is just like the original, only now it’s made with a powder-coated, off-white aluminum case and comes with the Dieter Rams–inspired XDA Canvas keycaps. The keyboard itself has a built-in switch plate for stability, plus Kaihua switch sockets that allow you to change switches whenever you want. It’s also fully programmable via QMK, meaning you can assign macros or custom keybinds to every key if you like. The backlighting comes in an array of programmable modes with millions of colors to choose from—not to mention there are dual USB-C connectors for speed and efficiency.

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