Massdrop x MiTo XDA Canvas Custom Keycap Set


Your keyboard is your canvas. And it’s time to begin your next project. After the wildly popular first run of the Massdrop x MiTo XDA Canvas custom keycap set, we’re bringing it back—this time with some key updates to help you create your magnum opus. Designed by MiTo (the brains behind Laser, Godspeed, and Pulse), the set is sculpted in XDA profile, which is similar to DSA with uniform height for maximum layout compatibility. For this run, the “Betas” legends have been adjusted to look closer to those found in Godspeed so they fit better with the full set. The dye-sublimated construction won’t fade in the future, either. Plus, this time there’s another color to add to your palette: Look for the brand-new shade of purple in the Monokits below.

Images provided on a best-efforts basis. May not precisely depict actual product listing.

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