Massdrop x MiTo XDA Godspeed Custom Keycap Set


Only 3 pieces in stock!

After our first successful voyage into the great beyond, we’re preparing the spacecraft for another mission. From MiTo (the creator of Canvas, PuLSE, and Overcast), the Godspeed Custom Keycap set features NASA’s iconic colorway from the original Apollo 11 lunar module cockpit—the first spaceflight in which man set foot on the moon. This time, however, the keycaps are done in uniform XDA profile so you can mix and match them with ease. We’ve made the ship stronger for our second trip, too: Instead of ABS, the keycaps are now crafted from durable shine-resistant PBT plastic to withstand the perils of outer space . . . and your desktop. Grab the Ares version for a Mars-inspired twist.

One small step for man. One giant leap for mech keys. Godspeed.

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