Massdrop x Oblotzky GMK Space Cadet Keycap Set

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Leave it to Massachusetts Institute of Technology to raise the bar for keyboards. In the early 1980s, MIT students were cranking out complex mathematical equations on Lisp machines. To do so, they needed a keyboard that could keep up. The Space Cadet keyboard (created by Tom Knight) was lauded for its ability to recreate even the most obscure symbols—and it could produce a remarkable 8,000 different characters if you memorized the right combinations. Now, thanks to Oblotzky (who you may know from the Oblivion and Green Screen keycap sets), you can get the original Space Cadet colorway on a keyboard of your own. Featuring brand-new custom legends, the set captures what it was like to have thousands of single-character commands at your fingertips. Put it on a compact keyboard and you can feel what it was like to access different commands by way of the modifiers.

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