Massdrop x OLKB Planck Add-Ons Kit


The Planck keyboard has taken the mech keys community by storm. Designed with a programmable ortholinear layout, it allows for maximum efficiency—and the anodized aluminum case and dye-subbed PBT keycaps make for a super-durable build. However, while the keyboard already provides plenty of opportunity for customization, this drop gives you a chance for even more. To take advantage of all the Planck’s extra capabilities, there’s the Planck Utility Kit, full of RGBs, connectors, and switches (more details below). To connect them, you’ll need a modded Hi-Pro case, which is offered here in multiple colors—or you can go for a non-modded acrylic case, if you prefer it. Also available? Matching anodized aluminum plates and a variety of keycap sets that you won’t find on the current Planck drop.

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