Massdrop x T0mb3ry GMK Carbon Custom Keycap Set


Since its original release in 2015, Carbon has earned a spot on mechanical keyboards around the world. It’s no surprise why: styled with crisp orange, classic beige, and stealthy gray, the keycaps make a great addition to both modern- and vintage-looking keyboards. However, while the Carbon you know and love certainly has its merits, for this round we wanted to take it to brand-new heights. How? This time around, we worked with designer T0mb3ry to bring back GMK’s original Cherry profile. Now featuring row zero and row five—as opposed to just rows one through four—the keycaps take on a whole-new sculpted feel that you won’t find on previous rounds. But that’s not all: in addition to the profile updates, we’re offering a wide array of specialty kits and colors to deck out your board like new. 

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