Realforce 91U JIS Keyboard

$189.99 $339.99

From the tactility of its proprietary switches to the ergonomics of the switch weighting, Topre keyboards are praised in the mech keys community. This drop features multiple different layouts and switch weights to choose from, plus a special bonus keycap for a bit of flair. The main option offered is the 91-key Realforce Japanese JIS keyboard, which has a smaller (2.5U) space bar and a smaller right-hand shift key to make room for four extra keys. You can get it in black with variable weights, or in black and gray with sublimation-printed keycaps and 30-gram switches. Also available are multiple 104-key fullsize layouts and even a numpad if you don’t need the full keyboard. All feature Topre’s hailed electrostatic capacitive switches for a super satisfying feel.

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