TINA T60 60% Custom Mechanical Keyboard Kit Components

$70 $168.99

Mechanical keyboard kits are fun to assemble and allow you to customize your board just how you like it. The TINA T60 is a compact 60% board with programmable RGB underglow and a strip of LED lighting to add some flair. Available in three different layouts, depending on your preference, it features a case made from CNC aluminum that’s anodized in the color of your choosing: black, gray, or silver. Set at an angle, it offers an ergonomic typing experience to take pressure off the wrists. And because of it’s weight (more than 2 pounds), the hefty case will stay put when you’re cranking out an aggressive email. This drop does not include switches; it comes with the case, plate, acrylic lighting insert, PCB, screws, and stabilizers.

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