Varmilo Electro-Capacitive Numpad – Exclusive Debut

$39.99 $54.99

Numpads are great for data entry, calculations, and more. And they’ve never felt quite like this one from Varmilo. Making its official debut on Massdrop, the MA21C electro-capacitive numpad comes with your choice of Varmilo’s Rose or Sakura switches. Designed for smooth, contactless actuation, the switches are naturally dust, water, and debris resistant. The Sakura switch feels closer to a Cherry MX Red, while the Rose is somewhere between a Cherry MX Red and a Black. Both offer reduced noise output and a longer lifespan than typical switches. The keycaps on this 21-key beauty are styled in pink and white. Made from dye-subbed PBT, they’ll hold up after any long day data entry or gaming. The white LEDs make the numpad pop off your desk even more. Plus, everybody who grabs one gets a switch keychain as an added bonus.

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